A collection of my video & film production works.

History in Production

First Film Fall 2010

First Paid Project Summer 2012

Specialties Directing, Cinematography, Editing

Cameras Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Red

Software Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Final Cut

Type of work Shorts, promo, documentary, event & weddings


The Dean's Speech - Convocation 2019, Announcement, 2019

Employer Simon Fraser University

Role Communication Associate

Contribution Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Haida Now: Corey Bulpitt, Documentary, 2018

Client Museum of Vancouver

Contribution Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Award Nomination, Society of Visual Anthropology Film Festival 2018

Navigating Alzheimer Care in BC, Health Announcement, 2019

Client Dr. Sharon Kohen, SFU & MOSAIC

Contribution Animation & Editing

Freedom Boat Club BC, Promotion, 2017

Client Freedom Boat Club BC

Contribution Director, Camera Operator, Editor

Transmissions Symposium Coverage, 2019

Employer Simon Fraser University

Role Communications Associate

Contribution Live Event Director & Editor

The Roots of Meaning: A Symposium on Lisa Jackson's Transmissions was an one day event where I directed the media recording and coverage. Coverage included live edited and lightly edited recordings of the proceedings and photography. You can find the recorded proceedings linked and embed of the Transmissions Expanded website


Embed of the TransmissionsX website. To visit directly, click here

NCIX Computer Showcase Videos, 2016

Client NCIX PC

Contribution Videographer & Editor